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Lapidarius to close – and continue

There’s no more alluring “Aladdin’s cave” full of treasures than Greene Ave.’s Lapidarius. The shop showcases Japanese prints, Lalique glass, a bronze of Napoleon, iridescent glass, royal pieces (William IV and George III), and much, much more. The decorative Victorian silver trays would make Martha Stewart weep: they are perfect for holding a pizza or flutes of champagne. Sadly, the amazing collectibles are now offered up in Lapidarius’ “estate sale.” Art and antiques connoisseur and owner

Maged Taraboulsy has been in “the business of beautiful things” all his life. The family has managed Lapidarius’ outstanding collections for over 100 years, from Alexandria, Egypt, to Place Bonaventure and then Crescent St. (1984-1990). For the past 30 years, renowned for quality and price, the Greene Ave. store has been a destination for collectors, designers, celebrities and fashionistas. A stylishly dressed lady was eagerly eyeing the antique Hermès valise and the vintage Louis Vuitton weekend totes the day I visited.

And work by Canadian artists Stanley Cosgrove and John Little lured a group of admiring aficionados. Here, one must truly wander to discover. Carefully, though: the boutique is packed. Amidst the jade, the ivory miniatures, gleaming Thisle glasses (“designed for Napoleon”), one can discern buys ranging from African tribal masks to “gentlyused Oyster Rolex watches.” There is even a Renoir-signed bronze plaque. “Possibly the only Renoir for sale in Canada,” Maged chuckles. He can recall the halcyon days when his shop was asked by clients to hand deliver 300 holiday gifts: “Dunhill gold lighters!” But, as the song goes, “times they are achangin’.” Perhaps stainless steel cutlery is easy to clean, but Lapidarius’ heavyweight silver dinnerware is so much nicer to handle, not to mention eternally elegant. But Maged is not disappearing. A train - ed jeweler, for the past few years he has been not only re-modeling/updating rings and necklaces but designing one-of-a-kind gorgeous pieces, “using rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires.” His plan is “to downsize Lapidarius Jewellery and Antiques into Lapidarius Jewellery and occupy a smaller space within the same premises.” I, for one, will miss browsing in his “petit musée,” but change can be a good thing. “Everything has its time.” Lapidarius – 514.705.4730 Liquidation sale Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 4 pm (or call for appointment) 1312 Greene Ave.


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