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Dutch School

Dutch School

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A Religious Procession

Two women are walking along the edge of a canal
A slight breeze ripples the surface of the water
An ineffable expression of kindness is painted in the face of the elder woman with her hands demurely folded before her, while the younger is holding her missal
Both are wearing Dutch headdress with its typical ornament called ‘oorijzers’, which means ‘ear irons’, silver or copper pin with decorative ends used to secure a woman's cap on her head.
Special mention has to be made of the frame, carved and gilded with gold leaves
Netherlands, late 19th century
Oil on canvas
Indistinctly signed «G» (?) and indistinctly dated «98» (?)
69 cm x 48.5 cm (27" 1/8 x 19")
With frame 108 cm x 88 cm
Provenance : Casgrain family Quebec

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