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Bergman Austria Bronze

Bergman Austria Bronze

SKU: b103

Austrian Cold Painted Bronze

This is a rare model, highly detailed sculpture, depicting an American native Indian man atop his horse with full eagle-feather warbonnet

He is holding a rifle and with hand on forehead looking into distance

An eagle on the horse's back

The sculpture has impressed mark of Bergman foundry (B in an urn) and  (Ge)schutzt, meaning 'protected', the equivalent of  'registered' or 'copyrighted'.

Early 20th century

Many bronzes from the new foundry of Franz Xavier Bergman (Austrian, 1861-1936)  in 1900s Vienna were based on designs from the old workshop of hid father Franz Bergman (1838-1894)

Height 16 cm (6" 1/4)

Width 15 cm (5" 7/8)

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