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Barbini - Murano Blackmoor

Barbini - Murano Blackmoor

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Murano Blackamoor glass figurine
by Alfredo Barbini (Italian 1912-2007)
Representing a female in solid black body with skirt with fine bubbles and gold leaf
Early Alfredo Barbini VAMSA Glass (circa 1938)
33.5 cm (13" 1/4)
Founded in 1925, the S.A.V.A.M. (Societa' anonima Vetri Artistici Murano), produced blown glass of classic type.
In 1936 it was transformed into V.A.M.S.A. (Vetreria Artistica Muranese Societa' Anonima) and had Alfredo Barbini among its partners

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