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Copper engraving

Antique map of Bratislava, German Pressburg and Posonium in Latin

From Civitates orbis terrarum. Liber quartus urbium praecipuarum totius mundi (The cities of the world. The fourth book of the principal cities of the world)

Published by Petrus von Brachel, Cologne, 1635

First edition: 1588 by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg, Cologne

Verso commentary text in Latin by Braun

Plate 29.5 cm x 49 cm (11" 1/2 x 19" 1/8)

Sheet 37 cm x 51 cm (14" 1/2 x 20")

With frame 36 cm x 55 cm (16" 1/4 x 21" 3/4)

The view depicts the Danube River, dominated by Bratislava Castle with the Little Carpathians rising in the background. St Martin's cathedral, its tower represented on a disproportionately small scale - the Habsburgs were crowned in St Martin's between 1563 and 1830

Pressburg (Bratislava) belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary almost continuously from the early 10th century until 1918. Then, in 1993, Bratislava became part of the new Republic of Czechoslovakia and since 1993 it has been the capital of Slovakia.

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