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Canadian Silver - Carl Petersen

Canadian Silver - Carl Petersen

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Carl Poul Petersen

A Canadian sterling silver dish
Hammered and plain silver
Open handle with peapod and corn design
Fully marked «PP», «Petersen Sterling Silver» and the Canadian sterling mark since 1934: a lion's head within a C:
Ø17.5 cm (6" 3/4)
Height 6.7 cm (2" 5/8)
Weight 259.6 grams

Carl Poul Petersen (Copenhagen 1895, Montreal 1977) was trained at George Jensen in Denmark before immigrating to Montreal in 1929.
He first worked at Henry Birks and Sons before setting up his own shop in 1937-39 and resuming in 1944 after World War II
Petersen is also responsible for the current Stanley Cup.

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