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Choisy-Le-Roy - 19th Century Bonbonnière

Choisy-Le-Roy - 19th Century Bonbonnière

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A 19th century Choisy-Le-Roy French Sweetmeat Dish with Cover
A Gilt Porcelain Bonbonniere of oval waved form
The domed cover painted with mistletoe harvesting scene
The sides with cartouches reserved with landscapes.
The underneath bears the blue mark for the Choisy-le-Roy factory:
two crossed swords and the letters E and C
It is reputed that a porcelain factory was founded in Choisy-Le-Roy, by Monsieur Clément, in 1786.
This particular crossed swords mark was used from 1786 until 1886 when an official complaint by Meissen - which mark of the crossed swords is one of the oldest trademarks in existence - forbid Choisy-Le-Roy from using the crossed swords mark.
Length : 32.4 cm (12" 3/4)

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