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Dorigny . Raphael

Dorigny . Raphael

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Christ's Charge to Peter

Nicolas Dorigny, French engraver (1657 - 1746)
After Raphael (1483-1520)
19th century
Sheet 518 mm x 163 mm
The print depicts Christ standing in front of Peter giving him the keys to the kingdom of heaven, making it obvious that he charges Peter to take care of the believers with the apostles as witnesses
Bottom margin lettered with title Christus Petro ovium curam committit,
the text of Jesus ordering Peter three times to feed the sheep in John 21,
publisher’s and printer's name and address: Dusacq and Chatain,
location of the cartoons and plate’s number.
Plate 3 from a series of 8 cartoons so-called Raphael Cartoons executed by Raphael for tapestries that were made to cover the lower walls of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel.
The tapestries depict the Acts of St Peter and St Paul.
Dorigny went to England and engraved the cartoons between 1711-1719, a work for which he was knighted in 1720.
The cartoons were bought by Charles I, placed in Hampton Court Palace, actual location at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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