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Crusaders Medieval Seal

Crusaders Medieval Seal

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Medieval Lead Bulla
Crusader era, 13th century
The seal is circular with a legend contained within concentric dotted circles on both sides
The Lord of Botron on horseback, wearing armour and wielding a sword
An architectural depiction of a three-tower castle's wall and door overlooked by a high tower flanked by two smaller ones
The seal has two rectangular slots running through the centre
Diameter 45 mm
Batroun (Botron) is a port city situated on the North shore of Lebanon, brought down by the Crusaders and a fiefdom of the County of Tripoli by 1110.
The equestrian type was attributed to the «bellatores», those who fight, the prestigious second Estate in the medieval society.
The Crusaders lords and prelates had the privilege (called "droit de coins") to affix lead bullae - instead of wax seals - to validate their acts.
See photograph of a 1216 bulla, Musée des Archives nationales, France, AE/III/141.
Also, the architectural depiction used on the reverse, scarce in the Western Kingdom, is typical of the Latin Orient Kingdom.
The seal is obtained by squeezing the metal with pliers

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