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A.D. Bell

A.D. Bell

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Cutty Sark in the Pacific together with Shortening Sail
Two watercolors by A.D. Bell (Wilfred Knox), British artist 1884–1966
Cutty Sark in the Pacific signed and dated 1936
Shortening Sail with strengthened signature and date 1937 lower left
24.5 cm x 36.5 cm (9” 5/8 x 14” 3/8)
With frame 42.5 cm x 54.7 cm (16” ¾ x 21” ½)
Old glued label to the back with some typed authentication

Launched in 1867 the Cutty Sark was built to be the fastest trade clipper (17 knots top speed) capable of sailing the perilous route across the globe from China to London to collect Tea.
In 1885 the Cutty Sark was given a new trade in collecting wool from Australia as the opening of the Suez Canal halted sailing ships and gave way to steam ships with a much shorter route to China.
A.D. Bell was a pseudonym used by the artist Wilfred Knox when producing paintings for an art dealer in Birmingham

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