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Egypt Gold Coin - Sultan Abdul Hamid

Egypt Gold Coin - Sultan Abdul Hamid

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Gold Coin Zeri Mahbub Ottoman Empire
Abdul Hamid I (1725 - 1789)
Obv.: the name of the Sultan, his linage and accession date
Sultan / Abd el Hamid ebn Ahmed Khan / Ezett Nasruh Duriba Fee / Mesr Sanat ”¦(undeciphrable) most certainly 1187 AH
Rev.: Sultan el Barain / wa Khaqan el Bahrain / El Sultan Ebn / El Sultan:
Sultan of the two lands (presumably Iraq and Turkey) and ruler of the two seas (presumably the black sea and the Mediterranean) sultan son of sultan.
Mint in Egypt, 1198 AH
Weight 2.6 grams
Ø21 mm
1187 AH is Abdul Hamid's accession date to the throne; the number 8 on the reverse (above the Ebn) indicate the year it was struck: 1198 AH

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