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Bossard - Egyptian Royal Family

Bossard - Egyptian Royal Family

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Large octagonal silver-gilt beaker
Mark of Bossard, Lucerne
Tapering melon rib cup with hammered finish
Circular lobed rim and base
Engraved with the letter F (Fuad I or Farouk of Egypt) surmounted by the crown of the Egyptian Royal Family (House of Mehmet Ali)
Marked at the rim of the foot with .925 and the cross flanked by the two stars which was the family arms of Bossard of Hochdorf
Circa 1930's
Height 11 cm
Ø top 12.2 cm
Ø bottom 9.7 cm
Weight 371 grams
Bossard was a important Swiss firm located in Lucerne internationally renowned for the quality of its workmanship as well as its unusually lively historicist designs in silver and silver-gilt.
The beaker is a traditional Danish form called "Margrethe" cup.
The legend says that Queen Margrethe the 1st (14th century) had made this in a form so the official taster swallows the liquid from another point than her Royal Highness.

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