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Frith - Frith Damascus . Photography

Frith - Frith Damascus . Photography

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Francis Frith (1822-1898)
The Street Called Straight. Damascus
Arabic : Shara' El Moustakim
Albumen print plate from Frith's Sinai and Palestine (William MacKenzie, Paternoster Row London and Glascow Edimburgh).

The English photographer Francis Frith (1822-1898) journeyed to the Middle East between 1856 and 1859. When he had finished his travels, he opened the firm of F. Frith & Co., in Surrey and embarked upon a colossal project ”” to photograph every town and village in the United Kingdom. The firm became one of the largest photographic studios in the world. His family continued the firm until 1968 when it was finally sold and closed in 1970. Frith was re-launched in 1976 as The Francis Frith Collection and has continued to run since that time.
15 x 11.5 cm

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