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Dutch School

Dutch School

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Peasant Family in an Interior
Genre painting with a central scene of figures around a table looking at a squirrel fed by a kneeling child
Left: opulent crops and copper cookware are littered on a table and right: a pensive man is sitting with his head in his hand, his pipe on a table beside him and a boy standing hands behind his back
19th century Dutch school in the style of the 17th century Masters
This type of composition with groups of people in a desolate, dark room with a greater concentration of light on a small surface at the centre is characteristic of Adriaen van Ostade's work
This painting has been fairly recently lined and cleaned
No further restoration is recommended and the condition may be considered excellent
39.7 cm x 52 cm (15" 5/8 x 20" 1/2)
Framed 51.8 cm x 64.5 cm (20" 3/8 x 25" 3/8)

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