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Jean-Antoine Houdon

Jean-Antoine Houdon

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Winter or "The Shivering Girl" 

Bronze allegorical statue

According to the 18th century marble model by Jean-Antoine Houdon (French 1741–1828) 

Barbedienne foundry, around 1875

With mechanical reduction stamp Collas

A bare-bottomed girl, whose upper body is covered with a shawl is shivering against a broken urn by frozen water.

This sensual posture, these anatomical details made a scandal and the statue was refused at the Salon of 1783, despite the proposal to place it in a corner of the room.

Signed 'Houdon', stamped 'F. Barbedienne Fondeur' and with round seal 'Réduction Mécanique A. Collas Breveté' 

On a marble base with bronze counter-base

Height 44 cm (17” 5/16) 

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