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Jean Nicolas Buache

Jean Nicolas Buache

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Highly detailed map of the Gulf of Mexico coast, Florida, Central America, the Caribbean islands and the northern tip of South America 

This 1780 map by J.N. Buache is an updated version of his uncle Philippe Buache's map of 1740 which itself was based, reviewed and updated, on the larger Henry Popple's Map of 1733. 

Coloured to reflect the colonial possessions of the European countries with colour-coded key at the right 

The map is printed on two joined sheets 

Dezauche engraver, Paris 1780 

Plate 50.8 cm x 94.5 cm (19.9" x 37.2") 

Paper 55 cm x 99 cm (21.6" x 38.6") 

Condition: This map has been fairly recently cleaned; centrefold slightly shifted. 

No further restoration is recommended and the condition may be considered excellent. 

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