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Since 1919

Komai - Japanese Miniature Vases

SKU: as66


Pair of Japanese Metal Komai Style Miniature Vases
The body intricately decorated in fine inlays of gold and partially silver with pavilions complex and pine branches reversed by birds in a lush landscape of blossoming chrysanthemum flowers
The almost horizontal shoulder with writhing dragon
The foot, neck and mouth with flower-heads and larger blossoms
The base with an inlaid Fuji mark
Meiji period, early 20th century
Export article
7.5 cm (3")
Include conforming wooden bases
Contained in original fitted travel box, stamped «Wassiamall Assomull Singapore» (Indian merchants operated in Singapore from 1873 onwards )
Condition : silver oxidized, some wear
The Komai company was presumably founded in 1841 but it is under Komai Otojiro (1842-1917) that his workshop produced the renowned textured inlay in gold and silver
The distinctive style of the Komai family essentially defined the art of metalwork in the Meiji Period

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