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Jennens & Bettridge

Jennens & Bettridge

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Victorian Papier mâché cake basket manufactured by Jennens & Bettridge Signed Jennens & Bettridge on base

Mid-19th Century England

Condition : the basket has obviously been in use and as such has signs of wear, though it makes for a decorative piece as it appears lived in

Metal handle missing

Diameter 26 cm (10" 1/4)

Height 3.5 cm (1" 3/8)

This cake basket is one of numerous small papier mâché table serving pieces by the company of Jennens and Bettridge.

Between 1816 and 1864 this company was highly regarded for producing quality papier mâché wares such as letter desk boxes, small scale furniture, fans, etc., producing some of the finest papier mache items now prized collector’s items or museum pieces today.

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