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Laverne - Eternal Forest

Laverne - Eternal Forest

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Phillip & Kelvin Laverne 

Eternal Forest coffee table

U.S.A., circa ca. 1960–1969

The biomorphic-shaped top is constructed from thin layers of acid-etched bronze over pewter over wood, reproducing an intricate design of trees, specially treated in a method innovated by  the LaVernes that oxidizes the metal and produces a distinctive colourful  patina.

Etched signature to top «Philip + Kelvin LaVerne»

106.7 cm x 43.2 cm (42" x 17")


Philip and Kelvin LaVerne (Philip: 1908-1988; Kelvin: b. 1936)

New York-based father and son team Philip and Kelvin LaVerne designed and produced furniture and decorative arts from the 1950s to the 1980s.

In the mid-1950s, father and son experimented with ways of combining their skills with the objective of creating pieces that would function both as furniture and as fine art.

Metals were their preferred material, most notably bronze, and often enamelled bronze over pewter to a singular effect in the reliefs and finishes of their designs


Ref.: Sculpture II Bronze and Pewter Tables: The Art of Philip LaVerne, Studio catalog, p. 2

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