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Sebastian Leicht

Sebastian Leicht

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The Spinning Wheel

Watercolour and ink on paper
Sketching a spinner
39.3 cm x 27.5 cm (15" 1/2 x 10" 3/4)
Framed 57.8 cm x 44.8 cm
Signed and titled «Im Spinnrad» The Spinning Wheel
By Sebastian Leicht German artist (Danube Swabian) 1908-2002
Sebastian Leicht was born in Backi Brestovac a village in actual Serbia
At the beginning of WWII, in 1941, Serbian officials took German hostages in some villages as a bargaining chip against anticipated German invasion.
Leicht was included among the hostages.
When Germany drafted her ethnic Germans, Leicht was assigned to a German Military war reporter unit.
His input was paintings and drawings rather than coverage text.
After the war he reunified with his family and they lived in Passau in Germany where he died in 2002.

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