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Limoges Vase

Limoges Vase

SKU: p119


Limoges France Porcelain Vase
Delicate execution of roses and leafy green in pastel tones
Subtle elegant form with pursed lip and delicate neck that dramatically opens to a broad shoulder and gradually tapers to a narrow foot
It is intended to hold a single blossom branch
Signed with monogram «JL (?) Ivory» and «N.Y.»
It was not painted in France; most of the Limoges companies shipped plain white china to the United States where it was hand-painted completely
Stamped underneath «J.P.L. France» in green
Jean Pouyat Limoges
1891-1932 period
Height 32 cm
The condition of this vase is excellent and free from damage besides minor wear to the gilding inside the mouth.

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