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Ravenet . Corregio

Ravenet . Corregio

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Copper engraving made by Simon François Ravenet II in 1778 after Correggio's Madonna della Scodella
The Holy Family:
The Virgin Mary sits on the ground in the bottom left, holding a bowl - scodella - in her right hand;
Jesus is on Mary's lap, holding Joseph's right hand;
Joseph, standing on the right, hands a branch of palm tree to angels hovering above among clouds;
two further figures and a donkey visible in the background.
Lettered along the bottom with title « Madonna della Scodella»;
location "nella chiesa di S. Sepolcro in Parma";
production details "Correggio inv. pinx. 1529" and "Eques Ravenet del. sculp. 1778"
Plate 51.7 cm x 34.3 cm (20" 3/8 x 13" 1/2)

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