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François Mage

François Mage

SKU: dic5

A two-piece garniture for a mantel clock.
The altar-shape centerpiece with fine brass fittings and two female caryatid-masks adorned with earrings, Uraeus-style headband and several ranks of beads necklaces.
The clock with circular Roman numerals dial.
The movement is signed by "Howard & Co New York".
A pair of ormolu bronze figures are framing the centerpiece as elements of the clock composition.
Signed Mage, most certainly François Mage, a 19th century French artist who died in 1910.
The figures were no doubt chosen to suggest the Day and the Night. The day is depicted by the woman pouring water over the extinguished torch of Eros and the night by the more formal veiled woman holding a butterfly over the love god this time with a lit torch.
Figures height 39.5 cm (15" 1/2)
Clock piece: 22 x 35.5 x 15 cm (8" 5/8 x 14" x 5" 7/8)

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