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Pair of Kakemono Cranes & Deers

Pair of Kakemono Cranes & Deers

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A pair of Japanese Wall Scroll, 19th century
Representing Japanese deers and cranes.
The red-crowned crane is second rarest crane in the world and is considered to be a national treasure.
Watercolor & ink handpainted on silk
Each signed «Keizan» and with two vermillion seals
Beige silk brocade border
Wooden scroll rod with bone knobs.
Painting: 134.5 x 50 cm (53" x 19¾")
Silk Scroll: 190.5 x 63.5 cm (75" x 25")
Width at Knobs: 70 cm (27½")
Fitted in a wooden box
Provenance: «S. Kobayashi Art, Nikko, Japan», 1969

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