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Pal Fried

SKU: pfrie1

A Caravan Halt

Pal Fried, Hungarian/American artist 1893-1976

Oil on canvas

Signed as is usual in Hungarian, with surname first "Fried Pál "

60 x 75 cm (23" 5/8 x 29" 1/2)

With frame 82 x 97 cm (32" 1/4 x 38" 1/4

Pal Fried was born in Budapest in 1893. He studied under Professor Hugo Pohl and in Paris under Claude Monet and Lucien Simone.

He emigrated to New York in 1947, after WW II, where he taught at the Academy of Arts. He lived in Hollywood in the 1950's and 60's.

He most often depicted beautiful young women, nudes, ballerinas and from the Parisian society.

Pal Fried died in New York City at his York Avenue home at the age of 82.

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