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Palekh - The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Palekh - The Tale of Tsar Saltan

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Miniature lacquer box from the village of Palekh
The theme is based on the Pushkin's Tale of Tsar Saltan
Here the artist depicts the Prince Gvidon's island
There, under a canopy the Princess Swan standing next to Gvidon's mother, the tsar's long-lost wife;
Prince Gvidon welcoming a ship and the thirty-three knights led by old Chernomor, rising every day from out of the raging sea ready to serve him;
and there, in the courtyard, is the squirrel that sits under a fir tree all day long gnawing on golden nuts containing kernels of pure emerald, with guards to stand watch and scribe to record every shell.
Signed Palekh and artist name Gudkova or Tchudkova in in the Cyrillic alphabet
13.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 5.5 cm (5” 3/8 x 2” 5/8 x 2” 1/4)

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