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Johann Wegener

Johann Wegener

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Oil on canvas
Johann Friedrich Wilhem Wegener (German 1812-1879)
A Pomeranian Dog - 1866
33 cm x 48 cm (13" x 18" 7/8)
With frame 52 cm x 68 cm (20" 1/2 x 26" 3/4)
Signed and dated 'J.F.W. Wegener Dresden 1866'

Wegener is above all a well-known animal painter.
Coming from poor conditions Wegener had to work in the printing industry;
in 1835 a small inheritance enabled him to study at the Dresden Kunstakademie
and from 1840 onwards, his economic situation improved with the sale of a picture to the Saxon Art Society and the support of the King Friedrich August II.
In 1860 Wegener was appointed Saxon court painter.

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