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Moser - Splendid Collection

Moser - Splendid Collection

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A Moser 'SPLENDID' glass service
Hand-cut diamond cross-cut and etched crystal, wide bands gilded with 24 karat gold
20th century
Set comprising 82 glasses:
12 Champagne Flutes 20.3 cm
12 Champagne Glass 14.4 cm
12 Water Glass 19,2 cm
12 Red Wine Glass 17.2 cm
12 White Wine Glass 15.5 cm
12 Liquor Glass 10 cm
10 Tumbler 12.5 cm

The Moser Splendid collection debuted in 1911 and quickly became the most renowned design of the Moser Glass Manufactory
Royal Houses of Spain, Norway and England, the late King Mohammed V of Morocco, and King Fuad of Egypt are some of the owners who graced their table with the Moser Splendid collection.

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