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French Jewelry Box by Tahan
Stamped on the lockplate «Tahan à Paris»
Napoleon III period

Enamel & bronze mounts
Kiln-fired enamel on convex copper panels
Deep convex enamelled lid panel
Floral central ornmentation
surrounded by deep emerald green with little raised dots of enamel.
Original satin lining and key
Height 8.2 cm (3" 1/4)
Lenght 11.6 x 8.3 cm (4" 9/16 x 3" 1/4)

Jean-Pierre Tahan (1813-1892), a major maker of small items of furniture and cabinet, manufactured opulent furniture and exquisite table ornaments with the lavish use of costly materials for a wealthly clientele which included the Emperor Napoleon III and his wife, the Empress Eugenie.

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