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Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

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Veduta dell'Arco di Tito

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)
Engraving From Vedute di Roma
Titled in plate : Veduta dell'Arco di Tito. 1. Villa Farnese. 2. Avanzi del Tempio detto di Giove Statoro. 3. Monte Capitolino. 4. Ruine del Tempio detto della Pace.
Lower l. margin - not a signature - Cavalier Piranesi del. e inc., (in 1765 Piranesi is knighted Cavaliere by the Pope).
Paper : 55.2 x 77 cm (21" 3/4 x 30" 1/4)

From 1748 to 1775, the architecturally trained Piranesi worked on his 135 etchings Views of Rome, mixing rational archaeological studies with the quality of terribilita: dramatic shadows, shades and light. He also combined artistic ability with an entrepreneurial business sense. The Vedute etchings were sold as souvenirs to tourists, the British were particularly good customers, and it is said that Byron, Keats and Goethe were inspired to visit Rome after seeing Piranesi's magnificent work.

To the best of our knowledge, our offered etching is from a French Posthumous Edition, Firmin-Didot Frères, mostly in the 1830s.

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