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In the manner of Canaletto - who painted some ten versions of this subject - there's Venice as seen from the sea, from the San Marco Basin.
Boats and gondolas are moored in the foreground and along the dock, between reflections of the city on the water.
To the right, on the riva degli Schiavoni (after the Slav merchants: Schiavoni), rise the prisons of Venice, the Ponte dei Sospiri -Bridge of Sighs -, the Palazzo Duccale - The Doge's Palace - and in the background the San Marco Basilica and the Campanile.
On the left, standing in the Piazzetta San Marco toward the edge of the Molo, the columns of Saint Mark (bronze winged Lion) and San Teodoro (marble statue of Saint Theodore, the patron saint of Venice prior to Saint Mark), the Biblioteca Marciana and the Zecca (Mint).
The reverse of the original canvas is stamped with Lechertier Barbe & C° / 60 Regent Street / London, a 19th Century artists' suppliers.
Initial L lower left
3rd quarter 19th Century
Oil on canvas 22 x 14.4 cm (8" 11/16 x 5" 11/16)
With frame 27.8 x 35.5 cm (10" 15/16 x 14")

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