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Vulcain Pocket Watch

Vulcain Pocket Watch

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Wonderful hunter-case pocket watch made of 14K gold by Vulcain

With two beautiful complications a quarter-hour repetition carillon and a chronograph

White dial with black Arabic numerals, black outer 1/5 second divisions with Arabic five minute markers

Subsidiary dials at 6 for constant seconds

Winding stem at 3 o'clock

3 lid hinges positioned at 9 o’clock

Outer side case with engine turned pattern detail and engraved initials

Inside with gold hallmarks, 14K confirmed by the Swiss hallmark of a single squirrel and an «angel with the bell» said to be the trademark of Maurice Ditisheim, founder of the Vulcain manufacture.

Presentation inscription to reverse dust proof cuvette:

  • 8 medals
  • Paris 1889 (bronze medal at the most famous exhibition where Eiffel Tower), Chicago 1893 (gold medal at the Watchmaking Exhibition)
  • Genève 1896 (Geneva national Fair silver medal)
  • Souvenirs; N° 13781 (serial number); Vulcain Watch C°; Chauds-de-Fonds; Switzerland; 15 Avril 1913

Movement inscribed with «+ 15833» a brake regulator for the repeater invention of Barbezat-Baillot, patented in 1893. The «+» is a cross, it denotes a Swiss patent

Diameter 55 mm

Weight 98.4 grams

Circa 1896-1900

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