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George Augustus Williams

George Augustus Williams

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Woodlands with pond, shack, log-carriage and figures
Oil on canvas
George Augustus Williams (British 1814 - 1901)
Signed with monogram lower right and inscribed on reverse G A Williams RBA
29.3 cm x 44.5 cm (11" 1/2 x 17" 1/2)
George Augustus Williams was the third son of Edward Old Williams the artist patriarch of that famous family of painters.
His five brothers were all artists, three of whom changed their surnames to distinguish themselves:
Henry John Williams, who painted under the name of Henry John Boddington; Arthur Frederick Gilbert Williams, who painted under the name of Arthur Gilbert; Sidney Richard Percy Williams who painted under the name of Sidney Richard Percy; Edward Charles Williams and Arthur Walter Williams.
Working in oils, he specialised in landscape subjects.
Considering he was one of the most prolific painters of the Williams family, he kept a high standard of quality, and is considered to be the most talented of the Williams Brothers.
His work contains distinguishing characteristics, which give it a very definite identity. His paintings have a golden harmony owed to a subtle transparency of yellow glazing creating either warmth or cold, according to the value of the tones employed.
Exhibited from 1841-1890 at the Royal Society of British Artists (140 works); The Exhibition at the Royal Academy (71 works); British Institute (64 works); Royal Hibernian Academy (51 works). Stoke-on-Trent City Museum and Warrington Museum and Art Gallery.

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